Law of Attraction – How I’ve Applied Law Of Attraction To Manifest My Dreams

How I’ve Applied Law Of Attraction To Manifest My Dreams

Give Thanks To Attract Universal Energy. Give Thanks As If You Already receive what you dream of.

The more we accumulate Universal Energy, the faster we can manifest our dreams.10801986_1020570491302189_8997084237209804805_n

I’ve got a Schengen visa within only 14 days; I came and lived with Martin in beautiful peaceful loving Srni, Czech Republic; we traveled together to many countries; we meditate, do sun yoga, play games, create arts everyday; I stopped working long hours and instead speading more time on searching for God; I read more, laugh more and play more. It’s because I have practiced giving gratitude for many years.

I have kept a diary and a Gratitude journal for over 1 year, but recently I have come up with the idea that nothing has lifted my spirits as much as the Gratitude journal. Whenever I count my blessings, I feel an electric current pouring down onto my whole body from the crown charka. It makes my body shaking and I know my vibration is increasing tremendously everyday. That’s why most of my dreams have been manifested very fast.

Before I took everything for granted, but since i kept a Gratitude journal, i’ve become conscious of how blessed i am; how much God loved me and how God has arranged everything for my highest good. Everyday I fill in it some more things that I am grateful for and review what i have written. It always touched my heart realising that the whole Universe is taking care of me and that things are hold together for my evolution.

Now I know that what we receive will always be equal to the amount of gratitude we have given. I am conscious of the blessings of the trees, the animals, the purifying water, the uplifting sun, the loving moon, the cheerful fire, the genius, divine whales. I have become so so grateful to my beloved ones for making me the one I am today…

* I would love to share with you here one of my entry in the Gratitude journal 1526395_1020570577968847_1187785163480140840_n

1. Thank God, thank God, thank God for our magic trips to Budapest, Vienna, France, German, Itatly…

2. Thank God, thank God, thank God that we public our book “Laughing Universe” in May, 2015.

3. Thank God, thank God, thank God that we’ve made friends with many loving interesting new friends all over the world.

4. Thank God, thank God, thank God that now I focus more on the electric current on my head and feel the Universe’s Love all the time.

5. Thank God, thank God, thank God that we spend more time now on mediation, Sun gazing, Yoga, laughter, creativity and playing.

6. Thank God, thank God, thank God for taking care of our every foot step. I am grateful that you always have a bigger plan for me and Martin.

7. I am grateful, very grateful, very grateful for my Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, recorder…

8. I am wholeheartly grateful, grateful, grateful to you for bring Martin into my life. He supported me in many ways, he fixed my computer, prepared food, took me on many trips…Together we have enjoyed life to the fullest.

To manifest your dreams, count your blessings and give thanks for that which you wish to receive as if you already have it. This will unlock the doors to univeral bounty.

For The Universe’s Evolution