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Who are we? Who are Martin and Tinh?

Hello! My friends,

This website and our works would not have been successful if it had not been for your support. We would love to send you lots of thanks and may God bless your lives with more love and joy every day.

Life is amazilaw of attraction; meditation; sun gazing; juice fast; water fast; yoga; laughter yogang. Life is a game. Life is a huge carnival. You can be serious while the universe is laughing behind your back… or you can join the celebration.

Martin is from Czech Republic and I am from Vietnam. Martin had a sound-selling online business before he travelled to many Asian countries and met me in Vietnam where I was teaching English combined with some Energy Leadership courses.

Seek you first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.



For all of my life, my only longing is to find God. Along with my classes, I  was committed to a Veganism campaign with my friends in which we printed Vegan Leaflets and distributed them in many places and streets of Hochiminh city. Our joy increased with every leaflet we handed out and we all believed there would come a Heaven on Earth soon where we all become vegans, more conscious of protecting the Mother Nature as well as sharing whatever we have with our Earthly brothers and sisters.



Our holistic course with laughter yoga, mountain climbing, visualization…


We dreamed of a world without Killing, a world of upholding all lives including our innocent pure smart animal friends. We dreamed of a world where we honor Love and Wisdom instead of temparory cheated materials. We dreamed of a world where we share everything so that we don’t have to spend much time on all the boring jobs like manufacturing, transportation, preserverance…instead we would spend time having picnics with our beloved ones, inventing new technologies, travelling all over the world and even to many other planets to learn and to enjoy our lives. We dreamed of a world where children are respected, lovingly guided to follow only their “Joy” and develop all of the dormant talents inside them.



Law of attraction with meditation


Born with a weak immune system, I was usually suffered from many diseases and always felt run out of energy even it was in the morning. I then felt lots of love for all the weak sick people. It made me determined to find out ways to help myself and the sick become healthy, disease-free and full of energy at all times. That’s why I learned Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Sun Yoga, Meditation, Fast, Detoxification techniques, Taichi, Breathing Techniques, Accurepunture…




We love to provide children with all they need and more than that…


I and Martin decided to get married on April, 14 because we have looked at the same direction which is Freedom, Joy, Love or a Heaven on Earth for all. We love to live in the nature. We love to live a very simple life where we have time to pursue mental and spiritual joy. We love to break free from monotonous long hour jobs and make money by doing whatever we love the most. We love to bring food, clothes, shelters, useful information to the sick, the poor, the orphans, the disabled all over the world. We love to set up Yoga center, Laughter Yoga center, Meditation center, Sun Yoga communities, Natural Healing center, Energy Leadership camps. We love to write hundreds of books to bring news of Love, Joy and Freedom to all.


Thanks for all of your support. May Horizons be opened, may Hearts be filled with Love and Joy.

For The Universe’s Evolution


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  • 2016/11/11 at 14:07

    hi sir i want to know about sexual desire and is our sexual desire decreases and if i am interesed in one girl because of her body features after sun gazing i decrease interest in her body and only love and actual sex is performed with sexual desire and love and i am interested i one girl and after sungazing and i will lose interest in her beautiful features


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