My Sun-Gazing Experience – Episode 1

My Sun-Gazing Experience – Episode 1

After some time of sun gazing, I now feel my third eye or pineal gland shaking intensely, I have never had any colds or flu for

Sun Yoga will help you activate your "Third Eye".

Sun Yoga will help you activate your “Third Eye”.

many years, I become more focused and I am in ecstatic mood for most of the time.

Many people said that sungazing improves their vision, cure many diseases or help them be able to go without food after a 9-month sun gazing process is complete. HRM claimed Sun-gazing can even help to activate the third eye and therefore it can awaken dormant talents within you. HRM himself has

Sun Gazing helps develop  your spiritual powers

Sun Gazing helps develop your spiritual powers

undergone a 411-day test without eating anything.

After some months of sun gazing, now I live on juice, mostly orange juice. I have done 2 water fast and am gonna do the third fast with Martin and our friend from Budapest, Roberta.

I sleep less and less every day. The clean blood and the smooth flow of the body bring me lots of peace, mind clarity, creativity, and intuitive powers. I inwardly understand clearly that we are Energy, not the body coz an electric current always pours down onto my Crown Charka 24/7. That’s the way to absorb Universal energy and manifest our dreams very fast. We have lots of energy and free time to meditate, play, laugh, create, learn new skills, travel around the world… I have a lot of free time now focusing on our projects: writing many books, blogs, websites…I feel like I am becoming invincible every day.

Martin's doing sun gazing.

Martin’s doing sun gazing in our balcony, Sumava, Czech Republic.

It was amazing that due to my meditation for over 12 years that I could look at the Sun up to 2 hours on some days and my eyes still didn’t hurt, because it is recommended that we should start from 10 seconds of sungazing and increase 10 more seconds everyday until we reach 45 minutes of sungazing, which takes 9 months and we should sun gaze at safe hours when the UV index is below 1, meaning 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. That’s why I found out that if your vibration is high enough, you can look at the sun throughout the day and as long as you like.

Here are some testimonies that I have found on the Internet. Hope that the stories will inspire you on your journey to rediscover your Great Self.

For the Universe’s Evolution

1. BodhisattvaChris: Sungazing How Did I Heal My Eyes

2. The case involving healing from blood cancer is mentioned at where a picture

Sun Yoga with Yogi Umasankar

Sun Yoga with Yogi Umasankar

shows a student of “Sunyogi” Umasankar-ji, who cured himself of acute blood cancer through the practice of sun yoga. As former site author “Ben” explains: “Krishan Pal started practicing sun yoga in May 2001 after the doctor had told him that he only had two months to live. He practiced every day, initially for half an hour from 7.30 to 8 am, then gradually extended the practice to

one hour daily. After a few months, he was gazing at the sun at midday for half an hour. One and a half years later the doctors discovered that the cancer was gone. In the photograph [taken at 8am] … he is in a state of meditative bliss, not staring at the sun. I do not have much more information, however it can be acquired from the doctors at Chandigarh PGI hospital in Haryana, North India.”
Note that Hira Ratan Manek strongly advises against sungazing outside the safe periods (safe = UV index less than 2).



Wayne H. Purdin* reports a third case of cancer healed involving sungazing in the following:

“I was just reading ‘Spontaneous Healing’ by Dr. Andrew Weil. On pages 128-129, he relates the story of Shin-ichiro Terayama, who developed kidney cancer in 1984. Sent home from the hospital as a hopeless case, he awoke the next day surprised to find

Sungazing cures all physical and mental illnesses as well as help to develop spiritual powers

Sungazing cures all physical and mental illnesses as well as help to develop spiritual powers

himself alive and ‘was aware of a great desire to watch the sun rise. He went to the eighth floor rooftop of his apartment house, where he could look over the skyline of Tokyo. He recited Buddhist mantras and poems, put his hands together to pray, and awaited the sun. When it rose, he felt a ray enter his chest, sending energy through his body. I felt something wonderful was going to happen, and I started to cry, he says. I was just so happy to be alive. I saw the sun as God. When I came back down to my apartment, I saw auras around all my family members. I thought everyone was God.During the next few weeks, Shin observed the strict diet [macrobiotic] and performed daily the important ritual of watching the sun rise from his roof – the one thing he looked forward to each day… Today Shin is not merely a cancer survivor. He is a transformed being who neither looks, acts nor thinks like his old self.’

Since I have been sungazing (at 18 min 40 sec) I have found my attitude toward my leukemia change dramatically. Before, I was always on top of it, getting a blood test once a month, trying the latest antileukemic diet, herb or supplement, and researching. Now, I leave my health, as I do every aspect of my life, in God’s hands. Shin had a similar change in attitude. What is it about sungazing that gives you the impetus to let go and let God? Could it be the tangible nature of sungazing in which you actually feel God touching you and come to know that he really will take care of you?

My hitchhiking story – people are wonderful

I rarely hitchike. In the recent years I stopped a car maybe 2 or 3 times. When I think about it, the main reason is probably the awkward feeling when I stand by the road and cars just keep passing me by. I understand the drivers’ mindset. There’s common prejudice and fear against hitchhiking across the society. Murder stories, rape, robbery… And even with no negative preconception, the drivers often act and play inside their box, bound by their habit, unable to respond flexibly enough to the surprising situation. It’s understandable. You don’t see many hitchhikers in this area, especially in winter.


But for me, today was different. It was a rare sunny day in the middle of winter. Sun was shining, the snow was glittering, the sky was blue and everything was just lovely and brilliant. My mood was up. I turned off my brain and went for a walk. I felt One with the nature, One with the Universe. I just kept walking down the road. There were almost no cars. I had all the road for myself. After some time I noticed a car approaching me slowly from the rear and I decided to take a ride. I must have been in the right mood alignment with the Universe, because the driver stopped immediately when seeing my signal. It turned out he was going to the same town I wanted to go. He was a pleasant company for the next 30 minutes of my life. We discussed the countryside, nature, travelling, skydiving and more… I left the car with thanks and an even higher elevated mood. And I feel it was mutual.


Lessons learned? I learned that when I get into alignment with the Universe and focus all my energy into one direction, the Universe will move my way. I learned that hitchhiking is (besides being more environmentally friendly and more cost effective) more fun than going by bus or walking. I learned that the people are good and wonderful and every connection we create elevates our beings and the whole Universe to a higher level. It is worth the effort to go look outside of our little box once in a while.

Imagine the possibilities. I dream of world without boundaries. I dream of world of sharing. I dream of travelling around the world while connecting with the cool happy people everywhere. We can save massive amounts of resources while opening our minds to the immense variety of cultures.We can learn from and inspire each other. We can have richer and more enjoyable lives if we leave our habits and illusive comfort behind. If we push our selves a little bit to taste the unknown. Today I just scratched the surface. I’m now eager to explore more possibilities and push my boundaries even further. Do you dare too?