See Life Through Laughter 3

Laughter is the purest meditation. When we encounter any problem, laugh first and the problem will go away. – SMCH


1. No Ships

There was a new navy recruit who reported to the navyheadquarters. He wrote down his names, and when everything was checked, the officer said, “Well, you are really very qualified, but can you swim?” The recruit was bewildered and asked the officer, “What? You don’t have any ships?” (laugher)2. Romantic Love

The man told his girlfriend, “I would go to the end of the world for you.

The woman replied, “But could you please stay there?”

3. The Making Of Ancestors



     In one classroom, a teacher was explaining to the class that their ancestors were Adam and Eve. A little child raised his hand and said, “My father taught me differently.

     The teacher asked, “What?

    The little child answered, “My father said that our ancestors were monkeys.

And the teacher replied, “That’s your family’s business. It has nothing to do with us. (Laughter)

4. Lucky Dog

There was a couple whose dog had died, so they buried it in the dog cemetery and then went home. Neither of them said anything. But after a while, the husband put his arm around the wife’s shoulder and said: “I’m sorry darling. I know I haven’t been very good to it — thedog; but now that it has died, I feel kind of sorry. If you really feel very bad about it, I will consider getting another dog for you. But to be honest with you, I don’t love dogs. If it hadn’t been for my love for you, I wouldn’t have had that dog for one second.”

The wife turned around and looked at the husband: “What?! I thought it was your dog!”

When they moved in the new house, the dog moved in too, the day of their marriage. Both thought that the dog belonged to the other. So that was a lucky dog.

5. What is God’s Religion?


A black person went to a foreign country and wanted to rent an apartment to accommodate his family and himself. However, the landlord refused to rent the place to him because of his color. Most of the tenants there were white, or at least yellow or brown; he was black, so the landlord refused.

Frustrated, he complained, “God, I want to live in that apartment, but they discriminate. They asked me many difficult and unreasonable questions to keep me out. God, they really discriminate!”

God shook Hiers head and said, “I too dared not venture inside!”

The black person asked, ” What? Why didn’t You dare go into that apartment?”

God replied, “What if I went in and they asked me what my faith is, how would I answer them?” (Laughter and applause)

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