My hitchhiking story – people are wonderful

I rarely hitchike. In the recent years I stopped a car maybe 2 or 3 times. When I think about it, the main reason is probably the awkward feeling when I stand by the road and cars just keep passing me by. I understand the drivers’ mindset. There’s common prejudice and fear against hitchhiking across the society. Murder stories, rape, robbery… And even with no negative preconception, the drivers often act and play inside their box, bound by their habit, unable to respond flexibly enough to the surprising situation. It’s understandable. You don’t see many hitchhikers in this area, especially in winter.


But for me, today was different. It was a rare sunny day in the middle of winter. Sun was shining, the snow was glittering, the sky was blue and everything was just lovely and brilliant. My mood was up. I turned off my brain and went for a walk. I felt One with the nature, One with the Universe. I just kept walking down the road. There were almost no cars. I had all the road for myself. After some time I noticed a car approaching me slowly from the rear and I decided to take a ride. I must have been in the right mood alignment with the Universe, because the driver stopped immediately when seeing my signal. It turned out he was going to the same town I wanted to go. He was a pleasant company for the next 30 minutes of my life. We discussed the countryside, nature, travelling, skydiving and more… I left the car with thanks and an even higher elevated mood. And I feel it was mutual.


Lessons learned? I learned that when I get into alignment with the Universe and focus all my energy into one direction, the Universe will move my way. I learned that hitchhiking is (besides being more environmentally friendly and more cost effective) more fun than going by bus or walking. I learned that the people are good and wonderful and every connection we create elevates our beings and the whole Universe to a higher level. It is worth the effort to go look outside of our little box once in a while.

Imagine the possibilities. I dream of world without boundaries. I dream of world of sharing. I dream of travelling around the world while connecting with the cool happy people everywhere. We can save massive amounts of resources while opening our minds to the immense variety of cultures.We can learn from and inspire each other. We can have richer and more enjoyable lives if we leave our habits and illusive comfort behind. If we push our selves a little bit to taste the unknown. Today I just scratched the surface. I’m now eager to explore more possibilities and push my boundaries even further. Do you dare too?

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