My Sun Gazing Experience and Testimonies

My Sun Gazing Experience and Testimonies

After some time of sun gazing, I now feel my third eye or pineal gland shaking intensely, I have never been sick or even got a cold for many years, I become more focused and I am in ecstatic mood for most of the time.

Many people said that sungazing improves their vision, cure many diseases or help them be able to go without food after a 9 month sun gazing process is complete. HRM claimed Sun-gazing can even help to activate the third eye and therefore it can awaken dormant talents within you. HRM himself has undergone a 411 day test without eating anything.

It was amazing that due to my meditation for over 12 years that I could look at the Sun up to 2 hours on some days and my eyes still didn’t hurt, because it is recommended that we should start from 10 seconds of sun-gazing and increase 10 more seconds everyday until we reach 45 minutes of sun gazing, which takes 9 months and we should sungaze at safe hours when the UV index is below 1, meaning 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. That’s why I found out that if your vibration is high enough, you can look at the sun throughout the day and as long as you like.


Here are some testimonies that I have found on the Internet. Hope that the stories will inspire you on your journey to rediscover your Great Self.

For the Universe’s Evolution

1. Sungazing: How did I heal my eyes?

2. Santhosh Vasu

“I have also had a tremendous change in me, like all negative thoughts vanishes with positive thoughts. Fear for death is reduced, its like i’m always ready to accept it. Happiness is increased and i’m started to love myself. ”


3. Wavyy King

“Im at 18:40 of sun gaxing and i can look at the sun for more than 10 min without blinking and my third eye is revitalizing and i keep recieving cloudy visions and colord.”

4. Jarda Pochop

” I already did, Radhe! Felt the wawes of current/energy I desribed recently! Just looking at it makes me feel like if I’d be charged! Love that feeling!”

5. Martina Menšíková

“Thank you for having me.Feels like to be home. Sun marched into my life unexpectedly in December 2012 (ha!). I didn´t have a clue there is a method called sungazing.I was just staring at the sun (just because it made me feel good) every day when I walked the dog.After a while I started experiencing amazing things. My life started changing,my thoughts were so beautiful (I could have never produce such a thoughts by myself :o)) ).Yoga didn´t clear my mind in a years – the Sun has done it in a little while.It healed me emotionaly and also physicaly.Things and wishes started manifesting much faster.I knew peoples thoughts and was replying to their questions before they actually asked them. I started wondering about looking at the sun and started searching.I could not believe how come we do not know about this practice here in the Czech Republic.There hasn´t been anybody spreading the word about this powerful method until I have been asked to do so.There is much more to my story,but anyway…… it led me here . Cannot wait to read your stories.Please share. Have the Sun shine on you :o)”

6. Goodvibes37

“I had an experience sun gazing where heart shaped objects floated out of the sun and towards me/”

More research on the subject can be read and seen here.

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